2016-17 WA Youth Soccer Presidents Cup
Team Schedules - Boys Under 18
Flight Notice:
D) Rosters and any revisions will be processed by the Member Association Registrar. All rosters will be verified by the Member Association Registrar before the roster freeze date for the teams from the Member Association in the tournament. The state roster freeze date for the Cups is one week prior to the first Cup match being played for that age and gender in that competition. Associations may have earlier deadlines in order to meet the approval requirement listed above.
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Bracket Ladder Display Semi-Final Final      

ALL A B      

Top 2 teams in each bracket advance
  Tie Breaker
Group -- A 1  2  3  Total
Most WinsGoal DiffGoals For
 A1 : PacNW B99 Blue B109928 3  9  11 
 A2 : Eastside FC B99 White B99119 2  4  8 
 A3 : GS Surf B99 B11810 1  -5  4 
 A4 : CFS B99 - Taylor0011 0  -8  1 

  Tie Breaker
Group -- B 1  2  3  Total
Most WinsGoal DiffGoals For
 B1 : Lake Hills Synergy B991010929 3  20  21 
 B2 : RVS B99 Orange59115 1  1  9 
 B3 : PacNW B99 White C501015 1  -5  5 
 B4 : Blackhills FC B99 Black A0202 0  -16  2 

Bracket - Sunday, January 22, 2017
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 606697  Preston Park  09:00 AM  1 A2 vs A3Eastside FC B99 White B 5 vs.GS Surf B99 B1
 606703  Game Farm Park  10:30 AM  W B2 vs B3RVS B99 Orange 2 vs.PacNW B99 White C2
 606702  South Sound Stadium  11:00 AM  Stdm B4 vs B1Blackhills FC B99 Black A 0 vs.Lake Hills Synergy B999
 606696  Marymoor Park  06:00 PM  1 A4 vs A1CFS B99 - Taylor 0 vs.PacNW B99 Blue B5

Bracket - Sunday, January 29, 2017
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 606705  Game Farm Park  12:30 PM  W B2 vs B4RVS B99 Orange 6 vs.Blackhills FC B99 Black A2
 606704  Robinswood Park  01:00 PM  East B1 vs B3Lake Hills Synergy B99 8 vs.PacNW B99 White C0
 606698  Petrovitsky Park  05:00 PM  1 A1 vs A3PacNW B99 Blue B 3 vs.GS Surf B99 B1
 606699  Preston Park  07:00 PM  1 A2 vs A4Eastside FC B99 White B 2 vs.CFS B99 - Taylor0

Bracket - Sunday, February 05, 2017
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 606695  North Creek 1  09:00 AM  1 A3 vs A4GS Surf B99 B 2 vs.CFS B99 - Taylor1
 606701  Petrovitsky Park  11:00 AM  2 B3 vs B4PacNW B99 White C 3 vs.Blackhills FC B99 Black A0
 606694  Starfire Complex  11:45 AM  11 A1 vs A2PacNW B99 Blue B 3 vs.Eastside FC B99 White B1
 606700  Robinswood Park  01:00 PM  East B1 vs B2Lake Hills Synergy B99 4 vs.RVS B99 Orange1

Semi-Final - Saturday, February 11, 2017
GameVenueTimeFieldHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 621728  Starfire Complex  04:30 PM  11 PacNW B99 Blue B 4 vs.RVS B99 Orange0
 621729  Starfire Sports Complex  04:30 PM  4 Lake Hills Synergy B99 3 vs.Eastside FC B99 White B0

Final - Sunday, February 12, 2017
GameVenueTimeFieldHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 642864  Starfire Sports Complex  10:00 AM  3 PacNW B99 Blue B 2 vs.Lake Hills Synergy B993

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