2016-17 WA Youth Soccer Presidents Cup

Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2016-17 WA Youth Soccer Presidents Cup tournament for the age group.
Boys Under 17 23 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Eastside FC B00 White B Woodinville 201107203   David Wharton
 A2 RVS B00 Orange Auburn n/a   Rich Hargett Jr
 A3 GS Surf B00 C Bothell 810188003   Ryan Campbell
 A4 Colibri Boys U17 Tacoma 303137041   Rene Ramos
 B1 Seattle United B00 Tango B Des Moines 104162038   George Singh
 B2 WPFC B00 Navy C Puyallup 303134008   Jason Gjertsen
 B3 Eastside FC B00 Blue C Preston 201107205   Derek Robson
 B4 SNOHOMISH UNITED RED B Snohomish 143355517   Jacobi Goodfellow
 C1 WPFC B00 White B Puyallup 303134022   Kevin Skinner
 C2 Whatcom FC Ra - BU00 Gold Bellingham 128522000   Blaine Colvin
 C3 NorthWest United B00 A Black Mount Vernon Martin2   Geoff Martin
 C4 WA Timbers 00B Red 1 Vancouver n/a   Charles Jason Madvig
 C5 FWFC B00 Blue (A) Tacoma 302112028   Darren Brookman
 D1 Kitsap Alliance FC B00 A Bremerton 440268100   Cameron MacDonald
 D2 PacNW B00 Blue B Edmonds 308202145   Eugene Poublon
 D3 Crossfire Premier B00 C Redmond 207141260   Erik Storkson
 D4 CFS B00 Button Medina 207141209   Thomas Button
 D5 Whatcom FC Ra - BU00 Blue Bellingham 128522100   Marco Rosales
 E1 SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK A Snohomish 143355514   Anthony Sardon
 E2 GS Surf B00 B Bothell 810188002   Teddy Mitalas
 E3 Seattle United B00 Samba C Seattle 104162048   Robert McAlister
 E4 Harbor Premier B00 Green A Gig Harbor 303127068   James Lund
 E5 PacNW B00 White C Federal Way 308202146   Vitalie Bulala

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